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    Well said I wasnt gonna buy more subs, but sometimes it looks good to buy them if the seller is honest and keeps there word like no drops refills guaranteed stuff like that that will make me come back to them as a buyer anyhow I'm waiting for the site to start selling Twitter followers again I don't know why that stopped must be something to do with Twitter anyhow I'm mostly buying views, subs and comments,I don't care too much for buying likes Im buying views or subs so if you're a seller reading this then if you got a good product going then feel free to send me a message and maybe we will do business I have over 10,200+ subs its too bad they wouldnt turn on notifications and be active on

    1 month ago

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    I recommend Cliffdimerandy

    Thank You Sir/Mam I Appreciate your Business! Please Come Again Soon.

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    14 days ago

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