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  • idealmike
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    Hi Stojsa thanks a lot that's great, you're always welcome and I look forward to your next order! And no chance of that! Google doesn't know my password! It would need to login to the site using my account and even then still have to find it and even then, even if it could, wouldn't consider it plagiarism no. Plagiarism is when someone uses someone else's content without their permission and passes it off as their own. Google don't actually penalize you for content plagiarism anyway. The original owner/creator of it has to raise a dispute and there's no disputes here!

    As a tip you can register your content with Blockai and that way nobody can dispute that YOU are the owner of it since you can create a digital certificate with cryptographic proof recorded permanently on the blockchain.

    Hope that helps mate and to your success!


    2 years ago

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