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    G'day Clerks, it's time for reading this important Status :-) Due to having NO competition for my signals for almost 2 weeks which resulted in an INSANE amount of orders (on the $1-service), and which probably will result in even more and more orders as time goes by, and since I can't possibly make my precious system x10 bigger overnight - I must follow the supply/demand model and adjust the offer back to 600/$1, just like it was until Feb 2018 when I increased it to 6,000/$1 due to a severe competition from the cheap sources my competitors were using. But now, when those sources are dead and presumably will remain dead at least for a while and it's a question what the price will be if th

    3 months ago

  • smashmouth2019
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    Thank you! The job was done quickly and the seller was always upfront with the details as the order progressed. The seller answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this seller. Awesome work!

    5 days ago