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    SMM Expert ---Facebook---Twitter---Instragram---Youtube

    4 years ago

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    This "provider" delivered my reviews quickly and as promised.  When I  placed the order I didn't realize all the comments were going to show-up at one time or at least on the same day.  For a video designed to develop leads in a local market, having the comments all show up at once looks suspicious, even Google appears to think so.  Google hasn't recognized these comments, at least not yet.  I'm not sure if this was a wise move/purchase from a SEO standpoint?!?!  If you're doing local marketing you may want to re-think your strategy... a drip feed type of comment would probably be safer.  Good luck!  Thx  :-)  PS  I want to be clear that the 'seller' provided exactly what they said they would, their service was excellent.

    23 hours ago