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    Email Lists, Leads, Traffic and succesful email marketing! I am your man!

    5 years ago

  • kariboshop
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    Thank you!

    I'm impressed with the security measures taken regarding this database offer. Your file included both the link for the download and the proper safety procedure to view it.

    It took me some time to find the right "Download" button from the link you offered, though... ) On that page there were so many "Download" links that I started downloading software I did not need before I could find the right button.

    For everyone who reads this comment, the correct "Download" button is right bellow the description of the file, next in line with the "Share", "Add to my account", "Twitter" and so on buttons.

    Thank you again for the extra Bonus!

    I'm confident that I'll get back to your SEOClerks profile for the other offers you have on marketing database, created for various countries. Now I'm going to start working on this one and filter all the information! My feedback: awesome offer, great customer support communication, easy purchase, well impressed!

    1 year ago

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