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    Great service and a great seller, everything is as claimed and very good backlinks. Though some backlinks are removed the seller never promised them to be permanent and it is completely natural for links to be removed or taken down. Which is why SEO is always an on going process and building large, high quality links are important and this seller offers that at a mind blowing price.

    I will be ordering this service from now on as it is the best i have seen on SeoClerks at such a low price and high amount of links with great quality DA,TF,CF . My average DA is 20 while TF and Cf are a bit more scares they average very high from 50's to 80's....... Amazing!!!!

    I highly recommend this Seller and there service and at only $1....... what is there not to even give it a try?

    Will definitely be order more lots more, this is one of my go to services on here from now on.

    21 days ago

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