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  • PeterJordan2323
    PeterJordan2323 More

    This is the second time I've ordered Tumblr accounts from the seller - and once again I am more than satisfied.

    I had only expected one registered PA 50 Tumblr, but instead I received a PA 58 PLUS another with a PA 52. To sweeten the deal even more, the seller added an additional 7 accounts with PA 40+ and ANOTHER 9 accounts with a PA 22-36.

    All this for five dollars!

    Checking all of the accounts in Moz, I found the metrics exactly as advertised. All had a significant number of backlinks and RFs and the spam score for the majority of them was consistently low.

    As someone who has purchased dozens of expired Tumblr accounts in the past - and at a much higher cost - this service is by far the very best I have encountered.

    5 months ago