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  • geekycompy
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    He cheated me. After paying 40$, I used it only once. It wasnt working and he said its not the software's fault, but proxy's fault.
    I used the same backconnect storm proxies as recommended.

    Ok, even if that was a bug, he deliberately disabled my license totally for absolutely no reason.

    Friends, please don't fall into this trap. It's a trap. Try the trial for 5$ from his site if you don't trust me. Don't ever buy the whole software from him trusting him.

    And if you submit support tickets on his website saying that you have an issue, he will reply saying go check the bhw thread, go and change your proxy, go do this,that.

    Bottomline : This software does not work. if somebody doesn't believe me and still really want to try, throw the 5$ on his face and try the trial to see the truth.

    2 months ago