A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Pinterest Branding

A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Pinterest Branding

What if your best branding tool was right in front of you and you weren't using it?

Pinterest branding is one of the most visually powerful and engaging ways to grow your company. Nonetheless, many companies don't actively brand via Pinterest because they aren't sure if it's worth it or how to begin.

If you're interested in getting started, keep reading to discover our comprehensive beginner's guide to Pinterest branding.

What Not to Do

Below, we've got plenty of great ideas for what you should do to get started. Before we go any further, though, it's important to go over what not to do.

Thanks to their Terms of Service, certain social media strategies that work elsewhere will not work here. For example, Pinterest forbids you from running contests where pins count as entries. And even if you find an alternative method, Pinterest doesn't want you running contests very often.

Make sure you aren't asking users to leave multiple comments on a pin, as Pinterest sees this as encouraging spam. Finally, avoid suggesting your business is in any way endorsed by Pinterest.

Now that you know what to avoid doing, let's dive into some of the best branding strategies.

Make It Visual

One thing that's immediately obvious is that Pinterest is a visual platform and search engine. What is less obvious, though, is how you take advantage of this to build your brand.

For example, most of your visitors will be using Pinterest via mobile phone. You should use images in a 2:3 ratio so they will look great on a smartphone screen.

Use descriptive copy and a text overlay to provide further information about your company and products. Basically, you're using the image to get their attention and then your text to build on their rising interest.

If possible, try to use professional photography for your Pinterest photos. Also, don't forget to brand your photos with the company logos. In that way, each "pin" and "re-pin" can further build your brand.

Monitor Analytics

If you're worried about branding via Pinterest, the good news is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. The company provides detailed analytics information that business accounts can take advantage of.

As with any other kind of analytics, this will be an ongoing process. You must try certain branding strategies and then use the analytics to determine what has worked and what has not.

The analytics are a great way to get a better idea about your audience. While we have general information about overall Pinterest demographics (more on this in a moment), your niche products and services may be attracting an entirely different demographic.

And without studying the analytic information, you may never know who your real Pinterest audience is.

Know Your Audience

While analytics will reveal a lot about your specific audience, there is one important fact we know about the general Pinterest audience: it is largely composed of women. The company recently published research claiming that 80% of moms in America use Pinterest!

Does this mean you shouldn't engage in Pinterest marketing if you have a different core demographic?

Not necessarily. Men are the fastest-growing audience on the platform. But if you have products that already cater to women and mothers, you may be able to super-charge your audience engagement with Pinterest.

Choose Pins Wisely

Another bit of branding wisdom that seems obvious but is difficult to master: choosing your pin categories wisely.

Pins are how users organize ideas and discover new inspiration. While you should create categories of your own, it's also important to make use of popular ones most likely to appeal to your audience.

For example, the pin category diy_crafts is more popular with women, and film_music_books is more popular with men. By doing a bit of research about how different groups react to different pins, you can create a customized Pinterest brand strategy for your own demographic.

Make Use of Rich Pins

A more advanced kind of pin is the Rich Pin. Depending on your product and audience, these may prove to be the linch "pin" of your branding strategy!

You have to apply for Rich Pins, and there are currently only 5 kinds available. These include pins for "product," "place," "recipe," "article," and "movie."

These pins provide additional information for users, including links to your website and real-time info about product prices. Providing this information via pin makes it that much easier for you to convert an interested person into a loyal customer.

Show Your Product Potential

Earlier, we talked about the importance of providing high-quality imagery for Pinterest branding purposes. Even so, you have to do more than just show off static pictures of products.

That's because Pinterest users primarily use the site for inspiration. Someone wanting to decorate their home doesn't want to just look at a single pillow. Instead, they want to see how the right pillows and comforter can completely transform their bedroom.

In other words, users don't just want to see your product. Instead, they want to see the potential that this product has to improve the quality of their lives.

Pinterest SEO Strategy

Chances are that you've already mastered SEO in order to drive visitors to your website. Pinterest has its own SEO strategy, but it utilizes many of the skills that work with traditional SEO.

Let's start with keywords. By putting the right keywords into pin titles, descriptions, and file names, you can help drive interested users to your pins.

Like other forms of social media, Pinterest uses hashtags. You can piggyback off of trending hashtags to gain customer interest or create your own tags and hope for viral success.

Finally, don't forget to employ cross-promotional strategies. By pinning content from your website, you can improve both your Pinterest SEO and your overall user engagement!

Pinterest Branding: Make the Most of It

Now you know how to get started with Pinterest branding. But do you know who can help you make the most of it?

We specialize in connecting you with the most talented freelancers in the entire world. To see how we can help electrify your brand potential, check out our pool of talent today!

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