SEO in Digital Marketing: The Important Trends to Know for 2020

SEO in Digital Marketing: The Important Trends to Know for 2020

Digital ad spending increased from 2018to 2019 from $108 billion to $129 billion in the U.S. alone. In 2020, that number is expected to rise to $150 billion dollars.

It's important to determine your goals and create a budget now before you find you're halfway through 2020 and are wondering why your business isn't growing.

One way to increase your ROI (return on investment) is to include SEO (search engine optimization) in your digital marketing budget. SEO in digital marketing is a smart strategy because you can implement it once and continue to reap the benefits over time.

SEO also helps customers and search engines like Google find your business. But you need to know what the latest SEO trends for 2020 are.

We want to help you succeed in 2020. Keep reading to learn the latest SEO requirements.

Invest in Cyber Security

In 2018, the cost of cybercrimes rose to $2.7 billion dollars. Unfortunately, small businesses are often the victims because they have both the information cybercriminals desire and they often lack the proper security infrastructure making them easy targets.

While this doesn't have much to do with SEO, if your users don't feel safe visiting your website, then you risk losing out on a lot of business. And no amount of SEO can protect you if you become a victim.

Becoming a Victim of a Cyberattack Comes at a High Cost

It often takes six months before you realize your site has been hit by cybercriminals. Once it has, you'll either face spending thousands of dollars to clean it up or you'll go out of business entirely. And if you're collecting personal information from your customers, you're liable for any security breaches.

Google also wants you to protect your customers so at the very least, enable HTTPS protocol for your site so that it's both encrypted and authenticated. It may even help give your site a minor SEO boost.

SEO in Digital Marketing Now Includes Voice Search

In the beginning, voice search was novel, but not very effective. Now that the technology has made it more accurate and versatile, it's becoming more popular due to its myriad benefits such as:

  • The ability to multitask
  • Quicker to speak than type
  • Users can instantly get information and answers
  • Makes life easier

Now users can cook and get information or even drive and get information safely using voice command.

What Customers Want from Voice Command

Here's what users want when using a voice command search:

  • Information about deals and sales
  • Personalized tips
  • Customer support
  • Information about upcoming events

To provide that information, you'll need to make some changes first.

How to Utilize Voice Search

You'll need to do some keyword research. Remember, people type differently than they speak and you need to keep that in mind.

Instead of typing, "best SPF lotion" they will ask, "what is the best SPF lotion". Google has a "People always ask" feature to help you determine the best keywords.

Incorporate Voice Search into the Customers Journey on Your Site

Remember that your site should take a customer on a journey that should end in buying a product. You'll need to incorporate voice command for every aspect of that journey including:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase
  • Customer support
  • Loyalty

Remember to optimize for local search results as well.

Learn How to Use SEO in Your Videos

If you're not already using videos as a part of your marketing campaign, you're losing out on a lot of business. By 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be video-based. That's up from 75% in 2018.

Live video will be 17% of all internet video traffic by 2022.

Incorporate Keywords into Your Videos

And you can do a lot with video, especially since they simply have to be dynamic and not bore viewers. And unlike a blog, videos can and should be short in length.

But you must use SEO to optimize it for search users. Do this by using the right keywords in both the description and headline of your video.

You can also write the words in the video for those who prefer to watch without the sound on.

Personalize Your Marketing

We're bombarded with marketing advertisements all day. Whether it's from the radio, television, billboards or online, we can't avoid them.

But we can and do ignore them. This is why personalizing your marketing strategy is so effective.

Get to Know Your Target Market

You can personalize your emails, videos, and even mobile apps. Make suggestions based on your customer's behavior.

This information will not only help you to make the shopping experience better for your customers but will help increase brand loyalty and help you determine where and how to reach your target market.

Continue Building Your Brand

Competition is fierce in business. You have to learn how to separate yourself from the pack so that you attract new customers but also retain your current customers.

Branding does that for you. Start by getting to know your target audience.

Knowing what they want and need helps you create a strategy and sometimes even a product or service that no one else can provide.

Deliver a Cohesive Message Across all Platforms

Make sure that you're only delivering one brand message across all platforms including:

Your audience should easily and accurately understand the main idea behind your brand. Make sure your brand comes off as real and authentic because people do business with people not with companies.

Start Working With an Influencer

You don't need to hire an A-list celebrity to find influencer marketing successful. In fact, most brands shouldn't hire an A-list celebrity.

A micro-influencer with only 2,000 followers may be a better option for your business. Not only are they a lot less expensive to work with, but if they're local, their voice can carry a lot of weight in your community especially since it's easier to engage with a respected and well-known person than it is an ad.

Backlinks, Brand Awareness, and Boosted Search Engine Rankins

In regards to SEO, influencers can help you build valuable backlinks as they generate more traffic to your website by increasing your content reach. Figure out what type of content you want them to create and how the influencer can link it back to your site.

Make sure the influencer you work with is relevant to your industry and audience. This will help you generate leads, boost search engine rankings, and increase brand awareness.

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