I Want to Increase my work on Seoclerks…can any one help me??

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I Want to Increase my work on Seoclerks…can any one help me??

Hi I want to Increase my order on Seoclerks….any one of you can contact with me for help or comment me.thanks


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Hi asadseo,

In order increase your orders on SEO Clerks, it is important that you provide quality services to your customers so they return to purchase something again. Here are some tips that you can use to get repeat buyers. You may also want to check out the power seller guide.

I have looked at your services and I feel that they are quite expensive compare to your competitors. For example, you offer 20 citation submissions for $5 but I can find other people who do it for cheaper. I recommend that you reduce your price. What you can do is test it by putting it on sale and if it does increase demand, then decreasing your price may be a good idea.

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Hello asadseo,
If you're looking for more sales you'll need to put in extra effort. First of all you'll need to bump your services regularly.

More info regarding bumps here:
How To Use The Bump Feature?

You can also read this FAQ, "How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks!?", which gives you loads of valuable information.

With that being said, you should also promote your services on social medias like Facebook or Twitter, and not depend on on-site traffic alone. You could also read this, "Repeat Customers And How To Get Them", as this will give you some tips on how to gain recurring customers, and that's something you should always look for.

Best Regards,

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Search "discussion community" pages, you will find some very useful info and tutorials for it

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  1. Be active by logging in daily so that you get a free bump every day. Use that bump for one of your services.
  2. I suggest you put some of your services on sale. You get to decide for how many price you want to offer the discounted price. Since in that way your service will be listed quite prominently in the marketplace, and people will be inclined to benefit for the discounted rate before the time is up, you could get more orders.
  3. Check if your rates are a bit high compared to what other sellers are charging.

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Hi this is very common question by all seller like I want to increase my sale but how? And lot of suggestion on here on community discussion. So search it here. I just give you few short tips, you can use it.
> first and precondition is you must to sale quality service.
> write your service description very details and point there, why you are best and what benefit buyer will get if they purchase your service?
> Keep low your response time
> Keep low your overall deliver time
> Bump your service each day. You can use 2 ways bump service, one is free and another is paid
> And make your service featured as permanent or categorical
> make your service highlights
> login each day and replay message to your client if they contact you or commenting under your service.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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