How do you feel about camera drones?

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How do you feel about camera drones?

I might be a little late on it to be honest , but I have noticed none the less the trend with these camera drones despite the price cause these things go for 600+ dollars. I like them I think the concept is great I know a few years back they were recording one of the spider man movies with the cameras hooked up to wires from buildings now these film makers or even the guys who shoot music videos can get amazing shots with less stress & less work , i want to know what you guys think?


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Yeah last year drones exploded onto the scene. I jumped on the bandwagon myself and grabbed a couple domains which I was using to blog about drones and sell them via WooCommerce. Those two sites got a lot of interest and I put them up for sale on a couple forums (Both to see what interest they would get and for the backlinks too lol). But I was surprised that they both got a lot of Interest and one Chinese guy made me a great offer on one of them and I decided to take him up on it and flipped it to him for a nice amount. The other I eventually sold to some guy who saw my post on Reddit and contacted my through the site and I ended up flipping it to him.

But since then, I've been thinking about actually investing in a camera drone myself for business reasons. Aerial photography and surveillance for one. As well as mapping and building inspection. Oh and as Abid has mentioned, for recording aerial footage of peoples parties, weddings, receptions, outdoor events, special occasions and the the like. Actually this is BIG business now and is something completely new. Rewind just 5+ years and there was nothing like this available for taking aerial photographs and videos of events. You can't really have them at a wedding though, not too close, because they make too much noise! That's the only thing that lets them down. But up in the air and quite away from everyone with a 4K GoPro camera on them and you can take some truly amazing photos.

And you can charge a pretty penny for that as well. But there are many ways to make money with a flying camera drone. Not just for other people but for taking aerial photographs of land for mappers and to sell in shops that blow them up and sometimes they can sell for an outrageously high price to the right person. Works best in posh areas though where they have more money than sense lol.

I've been waiting for the Phantom to come down in price. The latest Phantom 3 is an awesome bit of kit and has a lot of safety features. But they are meant more for professional reasons. One other new and exciting aspect of them is drone racing with a VR headset.

This is the future right here lol.

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Oh... Last year i totally fall in love with these drones while i was browsing for something on eBay. However to get quality drone and other quality equipment it's quiet expensive and i couldn't afford to buy what i wanted, but i believe it would be great great investment. Perhaps "Phantom" quadcopter / drone equiped with 3D gimbal and "Hero 4" digital camera would be awesome to have. Quality of photos and videos is amazingly good. Perfect. You can record even 4K like real movies. Plus all other features like satellite navigation, auto return etc made me go WOWWW... It's really small and compact, looking more like bigger toy, but so powerful, and if i ever could afford it i will buy it. In the same moment i have seen big investment in it really. Like recording weddings, birthday parties, sport occasions etc etc...


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I think it is just amazing, imagine the shots you can with a drone? The scenery and all that. Plus if there is some hectic breaking news and it is in a danger zone so most camera men wouldn't make it in to film, you can just send a drone in now.

I love what Mike said.I remember many years ago when we were growing up we got offered arial photos taken by plane or helicopter, I cant remember which but my parents bought those photos. Imagine now doing that with a drone instead!

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i can imagine it was great technology, with the latest drone without camera already good enough,
is it built with camera, may i know how much does the drone cost?
anyone has buy before?

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Planning to buy one for a while now. Don't really have the budget for a high-tech expensive one, I also don't really have the use for such a drone, there isn't much you can film if you don't use it for professional purposes.

Anyways I'll buy me a cheap one just for the fun of it. Filming my house and having fun flying it.

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Drones are simply perfect. I would love to have on Dji Phantom 4, but i can't afford it because that cost a lot. However, the price it's not that high for someone who want to make professional videos with it, it worth it every single penny.

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I had the opportunity of working as an associate producer in one movie project. That gave me an insight of the hardship involved in making a movie particularly in the shooting. It takes a lot of time to shoot one scene. But with a drone, the work is done much quicker because the drone can take shots in different angles. I guess the drone is the future of movie production.

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