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    danish1658 is an Excellent service provider. Trust me, I have tried 100's on SeoClerks and Fiverr, he is the only one I keep coming back to. If I make a mistake, he corrects it for me without complaint. I have never had any problems with his work. Plus he is super fast.

    danish1658 ...hello brother you have not given your cpanel username , what is it ?
    me ...Sorry about that. I will put a blog up at this domain sometime in the near future, so I will need you to somehow configure it for that option
    please. Thanks for your time.
    danish1658 ...I Have Set The Blog Directory when you need to install blog you can go to filemanager and install in blog directory

    In my "never be humble" opinion, This is the BEST seller on here.

    Thanks for reading my review.

    10 months ago

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