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Have you ever used FAQ polls? They're a great way to engage with your audience and get valuable feedback. With FAQ Polls, you can ask other users to vote on multiple-choice questions, and the results are displayed in rea...

  • noobroaster
    noobroaster Level 1
  • 30 11 months ago

    Subscriptions for Custom Orders Users have been asking for subscriptions on custom orders for a while. Now, when you want a service created consistently, you can. Just choose how often you want the subscription to run, ...

  • noobroaster
    noobroaster Level 1
  • 10 2 years ago

    Service Fee Change We are excited to announce that our direct payment seller fees will be lowered from 30% to 20%. This reduction will help generate more income for our sellers so they can reinvest more into their busin...

  • noobroaster
    noobroaster Level 1
  • 37 2 years ago

    Folders For Inbox Now users can get organized by making folders for your inbox. Each folder can be named and customized by adding colors to each. Also on the side of each conversation, you can add your conversation to a...

  • noobroaster
    noobroaster Level 1
  • 40 2 years ago

    Hi, I want to add $100 to my account. But, i couldn't find the option. Previously there was an add fund link but now it is nowhere. Please, help me to get it and add fund to my account.

  • zeerosoft
    zeerosoft Level 1
  • 7 2 years ago

    I finally started receiving payments through PayPal here on SEOClerks after months of hesitance. Got 3 orders the same day worth $40 and the clients paid through PayPal. Sounds good, doesn't it? I kept checking if ...

  • WinnersPBN
    WinnersPBN Level 1
  • 5 2 years ago

    Hi My Dear! One Week Ago my account transfer to level 2 and suddenly my account is automatically drop to Level 1. Please Guide me which Problem occur. and Another Issue I am face to , I was complete my order but AMOUN...

  • gfxartista
    gfxartista Level 1
  • 12 2 years ago

    I received order from my clients but I see in some order there is fee of 10% and in some order fee of 15% and showing 5% affiliate fee. Why I am charged for affiliate can anyone explain about How I charged affiliate? Wh...

  • theabdul
    theabdul Level 1
  • 7 2 years ago

    Dear boss, can you please help me out? i am facing a big problem with the payment method. Recently i have added a PayPal account but when I got an order my PayPal account has been limited. I need your help

  • 7 3 years ago

    Till June I earned $700 per month. After that I earned in July $60 and in August $25. I can only pray for everything will normal again.

  • rumon86
    rumon86 Level 1
  • 26 3 years ago

    Hi all Great news coming soon! Last couple of week me and Jordan try to make a payment solution and it may like dream come true within this week. PayOp going to solve all payment issue in one click. Now buyer ca...

  • ajlancer
    ajlancer Level X3
  • 39 3 years ago

    I hired someone and sent a custom order but I'm unable to add a payment method to pay him. There are no options available to pay freelancers easily. It's a very hard process and I'm fed up with seoclerk hiring option...

  • Hania93
    Hania93 Level 1
  • 2 3 years ago

    It's been almost one week I posted two services but unfortunately I can't avail any free boosts. what should I do? please help me with relevant information. Thanks in Advance!

  • akhaalifa
    akhaalifa Level 1
  • 10 3 years ago

    Hello Since seoclerk not collect fund as middleman, I hope seoclerk will be consider to banned sellers who scam buyer to make SEOclerks is safe and high quality marketplace. I already joined SEOclerks since 2012. mostly...

    14 3 years ago

    Hello All Users A new update for those that are interested: Monster Backlink is now live and accepts payments on behalf of the sellers. It works like seoclerks worked before. In addition, it has default payment met...

  • SuvoSEO
    SuvoSEO Level X3
  • 59 3 years ago

    Hello,I have checked my paypal , and yes i have received many many payments via paypal .Now its limited !! I have used it for seoclerks since 1 month , and now its suspended !This is too bad , why do you have removed you...

  • Seomen555
    Seomen555 Level 1
  • 7 3 years ago

    Hello, Guys! I want to know, how many payments can we withdraw from seoclerk account? Can we withdraw payment with the Airtm payment method?

  • nazimaksh
    nazimaksh Level 1
  • 3 3 years ago

    Hello all, Hope everybody is doing well...... Without the help of PayPal and Payoneer, I would be able to quickly withdraw dollars from Seoclerks in any payment method. please help me anybody.... Thank you

  • OhabHasanSEO
    OhabHasanSEO Level 1
  • 9 3 years ago

    I am member since 2012, become Level X5. helping this community as many ways i can ever since. I was looking to find out the way to survive even with current situation with payment system problems. I know it's not easy f...

  • anwebservices
    anwebservices Level X5
  • 43 3 years ago

    Hey everyone, I just received one more thrilling update for you: Outside Contact is now allowed. You can contact your buyer or seller via any method you choose. We are removing any blocks that would prevent outsid...

  • SuvoSEO
    SuvoSEO Level X3
  • 45 3 years ago

    I am a Bangladeshi,My country paypal is not legal, which is why we have limited accounts.So please please please... tell me how I can take the payment

  • StrongSeoX
    StrongSeoX Level 1
  • 10 3 years ago

    Hi I am old client i am from India how can i add balance in my seoclerk account please tell me there is not showing add fund option where is it

  • amit797
    amit797 Level 1
  • 2 3 years ago

    Greetings colleagues A little question about withdrawal method. Suppose I recieve an order and the buyer makes payment through PayPal, is there any means to recieve the money in my dashboard so that I can withdraw it ...

  • nellyman65
    nellyman65 Level 1
  • 5 3 years ago

    if buyer pay for any service in direct payment method. How much commission subtract from total amount?

    5 3 years ago

    How to earn free boost anyone tell me trick? And How to improve ranking in seoclerk top position with only boost service?

  • seotuckcom
    seotuckcom Level 1
  • 6 3 years ago

    Hey Buddies, I got some Updates to share Regarding some recent Issues; It will help you. We all know SEOClerks is going through several changes, Which may sometimes feel difficult but don't worry, everything will ...

  • SuvoSEO
    SuvoSEO Level X3
  • 25 3 years ago

    Following the recent changes regarding payments I know that like me many users feel somewhat frustrated and upset. Nobody likes change and it is normal to feel this way. I personally was angered by all this but after rea...

  • EliteWriter
    EliteWriter Level 3
  • 19 3 years ago

    SEOclerks introduce new selling fees as Selling Fees: When you list and sell services on SEOClerks, we charge selling fees. The fee is 10% of the total amount of sale. Please take a moment and read the followin...

  • ajlancer
    ajlancer Level X3
  • 14 3 years ago

    I find it very unfair for sellers that SEOclerks would mandate sellers to pay 10% of an order whether or not the order is completed by the buyer. This basically has expanded the gap for sellers to be defrauded. This adju...

  • Expertbotz
    Expertbotz Level 1
  • 17 3 years ago

    Hello friend, I have been finding it hard to get new buyers to buy my gigs since the upgrade of the market place. I don't know if there is anything am doing wrong. I bought paid boost . The services are on first page bu...

    12 3 years ago

    How to get level x or x3 i want to requirement thanks seoclerks all people

    6 3 years ago

    QUESTION: Do you think SEOClerks (Ionicware llc.) should go PUBLIC?? If they were Public, would you Invest? As some of you may be aware, SEOClerk's #1 Competitor, Fiverr, went Public a little over a year ago. Only...

  • exjordanary
    exjordanary Level X5
  • 8 3 years ago

    I transferred 20$ on July 5, 2021, to my Payoneer account which has not yet been added to my Payoneer account. Why?

  • mdpapel
    mdpapel Level 1
  • 4 3 years ago

    Has anyone managed to withdraw the funds after recent changes? I withdrew to Payoneer from 4th July and status is still pending. Has anyone tried other options like Wise Transfer, AirTM, etc? Have you received yo...

  • littledee
    littledee Level 3
  • 2 3 years ago

    For some reason the new job creation link is 404ing – any idea why? - "OOOOOH SNAP!It seems we can’t find page you are looking for. Go back to Homepage Or try using search...

  • meepmoop
    meepmoop Level 1
  • 1 3 years ago

    I Can't Withdraw By Paypal Option again, I Have 7,5$ Balance here. But the Paypal Option in Withdraw isn't here. How can i withdraw my balance then?

  • rehiga
    rehiga Level 2
  • 3 3 years ago

    Recently I added a credit card to authorize as seller. Can I change this card in future? And seoclerks also say that they would deduct 10% amount from that card. If there are not enough balance in that card what should...

  • ProkAshMudra
    ProkAshMudra Level 1
  • 2 3 years ago

    Hello to our wonderful SEOClerk members. We want to take a minute to thank you all for your continued loyalty, especially now and explain about some of our recent changes. . Recently, you may have noticed some unset...

  • Beverly
    Beverly Level X3
  • 131 3 years ago

    Now SEOClerk is charging a platform fee that's way too higher than the other platforms. This wasn't expected from SEOCLERKS. This platform was meant for affordable services at a great price but now it's not. Now it becam...

  • AliProSEO
    AliProSEO Level 1
  • 9 3 years ago

    Anyone is facing the issue of Not Showing Add Fund Option. I have added funds 2 times before this but now Add Fund option is not appearing in my account.

    5 3 years ago