999+ Web 2.0 High-Quality Back-links For SEO for $2

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999+ Web 2.0 High-Quality Back-links For SEO

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999+ Web 2.0 High-Quality Back-links to Enhance links ranking! (Generally- over 1000)
Improve your links rank in search engine (SEO)

Significantly, having back-links for your website or blog will create an impression that will be notified by the ‘search engines’. The mix of no-follow and do-follow web 2.0 HQ back-links can be the answer to improve your sites SEO.

In this service, you will get 999+ web 2.0 high-quality back-links with your keywords for your links. Your link will be used to submit this operation to generate 999+ web 2.0 properties links, this is a very simple, affordable and trustworthy way to rank your blog, website or link in Google’s ranking.

Furthermore, you will obtain a mix of no-follow and do-follow web back-links, that are submitted with premium “captcha solving services”. Though we accept multiple URLs (unlimited) with unlimited keywords for each URL, but they needed to be related in categories. In delivery, you will receive a detailed report in .txt and .csv format for your links

We additionally create accounts for your submission and will provide that to you with the accounts "usernames & passwords" with the report when we deliver the job. (But it will be considered as extra- if you want the user id and passwords)

Significantly, when buying my services, you may not like to pay the "Seoclerk's $0.55 Processing Fee"! If you 'Add funds To Your Balance' with $5 or more, then you don't have to pay any processing fees. Because "Paying with your Balance" has no fees as per the Seoclerks. Click HERE to add funds to your account.


1. How safe is this link for my main website?
Answer: YES, this service is safe for your website.

2. Is the back-links safe from Google ban?
Answer: YES, it's safe.

3. Are the links for permanent or just for a certain period?

Answer: YES, most of them are permanent.

4. What are the minimum authorities of sites and how much time take to index?

Answer: They are ‘Mix DA’. The indexer started within a few days.

5. In how much time- do they get indexed?
Answer: Approximately- 3-4 weeks.

6. How many unique Web2.0 blogs do you have?
Answer: Uncountable.

7. How many web2.0 accounts you will create?
Answer: Approximately: 300 to 500.

8. Do you accept multiple URLs in one order? You can put them in the spintax
{url1|url2|url3| url4...} format in your content?
Answer: YES, I only accept multiple URLs in one order, if the topic/keywords of these URLs will be the same.

9. Is adult sites allowed?

Answer: NO, we don’t work on sites that are possibly ‘not safe to work’. Like- websites that contain pornography, promote hate, adult dating, spam sites, promote gambling, etc

10. Can you do it for Marketing/ Business blog?
Answer: YES, we support all types of websites, except those, are not violating the laws (websites that contain pornography, promote hate, adult dating, spam sites, promote gambling, etc.).

11. Can you do it for social media pages?

Answer: NO.

12. Do you provide a sample?
Answer: Sadly, NO after-all it’s a $2 service, less priced than a cup of coffee.

13. What do you mean by ‘We will provide you with the accounts “usernames & passwords” with reports?
Answer: It's considered as extras. If you want, you can select that from extra.

14. Can I change the “username and password” you provide with the report?
Answer: NO, you can’t.

15. Do I get a report?
Answer: Upon delivery, you will get a detailed report in .txt and .csv format for your links.

NOTE: Once accept and start the process, we no not accept the changing of the URLs/ links. We also reserve the right to disapprove any website or cancel the order- when we feel- does not meet our “standard of quality”.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask. I will answer that as soon as I can.

Thank you.

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