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    Do not be scared by the sellers 0% positive rating. (Well, I hope it's higher after I write this!) This little eBook is just like how I played charades back in the Sedan; "Short, quick, and to the point!" In short it's legit info that while I haven't put into practice to fully test myself, I have no doubt will totally work.

    I had to message the seller to clarify some things for me, but that may be do to me not knowing about this kind of stuff *what SO ever* People who know the ins and outs about making money off ads from websites (just an example) will feel more at home with this process than someone like me who makes money from selling EPs on Bandcamp haha.

    But yeah, it's not a scam, feel safe spending money on this. Also feel safe knowing what you learn to do does not scam anyone in getting you money. It's all around, all in all a legit, safe way to make money with a computer and internet connection.

    As long as you don't go into this thinking it's a magic application that lets you ad funds to your paypal account LOL I think you'll be happy with your purchase.

    5 years ago